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Every weave starts with a collection of feelings and thoughts, a natural pull towards one material or another. Generally I aim to have a selection of either English or ethical, organic and recycled fibres around. Natural colour is naturally drawn towards real fibres such as wool and cotton so choosing these makes sense.

Deciding on a warp is usually a less organic process, but can be made of as many different yarns as can be fitted onto the warping board. Once the warp is painstakingly tied up, the flow can begin. Wide, slow, tight, grouped, reserved, outbreaks of colour, floating yarns and wondering ones, so much in a plain weave.


The double multi-coloured wall piece in the selection is currently still on exhibition at Groundwork Gallery in North Norfolk; it has been sold, but similar pieces can be made on commission. It was woven in a very open weave on my own built loom and using a very open structure and very fine wool to allow the light to pass through; all colours are hand-dyed at home in the yarn before weaving.

At Poplar Union Arts Centre and e5 Roasthouse, e5 Bakehouses’ own coffee roastery, some of the results of an ongoing collaboration with textile artist and waste activist Maud Barrett are on display until the 13th of January.

If you are interested in any project, custom colours or pieces, I am very happy to be contacted with any visions at femke@windeweaves.com.




A gift for a friend, a mother, a sister or a little one (+6yrs).. Weave a table piece or two table mats in a relaxing three hour introductory weaving session guided by me.

Location: Poplar Union | e5 Roasthouse | e14

Timings: mail at femke@windeweaves.com to book in for a session during the month of January 2019.

Workshop: Learn about the SAORI weaving philosophy and play with colours and textures or experiment with waste materials, inspired by our exhibition at Poplar Union.

Materials: Work with naturally, hand-dyed colours in wool yarns as well as ethical sari-silks, fine saori yarns and rug wool.

The weaver can bring special fabric scraps to incorporate to add a personal element, but all materials are provided.

Voucher will be sent out to the provided address of the buyer.

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